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Not all Herbal supplements are ideal for everyone. It could that you have an allergy to an ingredient included in a manufacturer’s formulation, you may need to consolidate specific herbs to minimize the number of capsules/tinctures, etc., you take, or you may have specific health goals and require a personalized blended solution.Regardless, we are equipped to provide the perfect blend for your particular need(s).


Do you need guidance with the Herbal Remedies that are best for you? At Bethesda Health & Wellness, we offer a FREE 20-minute consulting session that can be conducted in-store or online from the comfort of your home.You will have the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation about your health concerns as well as to discuss the herbs that may help you achieve your personal wellness goals.


Experts suggest that a Wellness Plan can help us live a healthier and happier life. A Wellness Plan is designed for the purpose of achieving overall health, including all aspects of your life. It is multi-dimensional and include:

Physical, Nutritional, and Professional Health

Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Financial, Intellectual and Environmental Wellness.

At Bethesda Health & Wellness, we are equipped to help you design a basic wellness plan and we have partnered with various professionals to provide additional support where needed.


Bethesda Health & Wellness believes that our products should be easily accessible to everyone. We know that your time and convenience are important to you. We offer a same day FREE delivery service to our customers living inBethesda, Maryland.

For customers living outside of Bethesda, but within Montgomery County, Maryland, there is a $7 fee for SAME DAY only. Otherwise, all orders are shipped FREE.

How this works:

Simply place your order online. When checking out, select GET IT NOW! Qualifying orders must be placed by 2:00PM, Monday – Friday. Inclement weather may impact this service.